SRINAGAR- The Director Fisheries, J&K Mohammad Farooq Dar on Saturday distributed first year inputs to the beneficiaries who have constructed Trout Rearing Units under PMMSY during the year 2022-23 at Trout Farm Laribal, Srinagar.

It was given out that presently 87 raceways have been constructed under different schemes in district Srinagar besides the land and water efficient technology for fish farming viz. RAS has also been introduced and one Re circulatory Aquaculture System has also been established in the District.

About 16 beneficiaries including women were provided inputs in the form of Trout seed, feed and equipments viz. handle nets, covering nets etc during the occasion.

It was informed that 2.5 lac Trout fingerlings have been produced in the Trout Farm Laribal and 1.5 lac seed has been distributed to the private fish farmers from the farm. The Brown Trout Seed produced in the farm is stocked in the natural water bodies of Kashmir for conservation of this species and for attraction of Tourist for angling purpose.

It was also given out that out of the total 1144 trout rearing units and 1222 Carp units established under private sector in UT, the department has established a total of 545 trout rearing units besides 41 number of Carp units for providing gainful employment to the rural youth under PMMSY.

The concerned Officer apprised the Director that more and more youth are coming forward to adopt fish farming as an economic enterprise. The involvement of the youth with fisheries/ aquaculture related activities will give them ample opportunity to sustain their livelihood and ensuring nutritional security.

The Director emphasized that the fish culture activity being less labour intensive with good returns will help to improve the socio economic condition and income of the farmers.

Besides supplying quality fish seed to the Fish Farmers at the subsidized rates, the Department conducts annual seed stocking programmes in different waters viz. rivers, streams, community ponds, lakes, sars etc.

During 2022-23, the department has stocked 8.40 lac Trout and 51.30 lac Carp seed in amenable water bodies of J&K. The main aim of this activity is conservation of natural water bodies by way of augmentation with fish seed besides strict enforcement of Fisheries regulations by maintaining vigil/ watch and ward for curbing illegal fishing to enhance the fish productivity and ultimately production giving ample opportunity to the rural folks for livelihood and ensuring nutritional security.

The enhanced fish production of water bodies will help to boost the economic scenario of the area and will provide opportunities for local people to earn their livelihood with honour and integrity by associating themselves with fisheries/aquaculture-related activities.

The Director instructed the concerned Officer to exploit the full potential of the departmental hatcheries to increase the quality fish seed production for increasing the production and productivity of the private fish farmers.

The Director Fisheries impressed upon the officers to identify potential areas in their districts to prioritise setting up of more fisheries units in private sector for better growth of the sector and welfare of those engaged in the trade. The emphasis was laid by the Director on generating awareness among the general masses particularly the unemployed youth to start fisheries related business.

The Director was accompanied by the Joint Director Fisheries (Chenab Valley), Jammu, Joint Director Fisheries (South), Kashmir, Chief Project Officer, RFFDA, Srinagar and Assistant Director Fisheries, Srinagar during the occasion.


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