New Delhi- Consumers continue to see red due to pricier tomatoes as retail prices of the kitchen staple soared up to Rs 162 per kg on Thursday across the country due to tight supplies caused by rainfall in many parts.

Among metros, retail tomato prices remained highest at Rs 152 per kg in Kolkata, followed by Rs 120 per kg in Delhi, Rs 117 per kg in Chennai and Rs 108 per kg in Mumbai, according to the data maintained by the Consumer Affairs Ministry.

The all-India average retail tomato price was ruling at Rs 95.58 per kg on Thursday.

A maximum rate of Rs 162 per kg was quoted in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, while the minimum rate was Rs 31 per kg in Churu district of Rajasthan, the data showed.

Tomato prices remained high in other major cities in the country.

In Gurugram, retail tomato price was ruling at Rs 140 per kg, at Rs 110 per kg in Bengaluru, Rs 107 per kg in Varanasi, Rs 98 per kg in Hyderabad and at Rs 90 in Bhopal on Thursday.

Normally, tomato prices spike during July-August time of the year as harvesting and transportation of highly perishable commodity supplies get affected due to monsoon.  (PTI)


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