Srinagar- Incessant rainfall over the past two days in Kashmir has dampened the festive spirit of shoppers ahead of the Eid.

Eid-ul-Fitr, marking the culmination of the fasting month of Ramzan, is expected to be celebrated on Friday or Saturday, depending on the sighting of the crescent moon.

“Preparations for Eid is underway but rain has hampered and disturbed the fervour. There is no rush in the market compared to last year,” Nisar Hussain, a customer, said.

He also blamed the rampant construction work going on in the city for fewer people coming out to shop.

“If you see, due to smart city construction work also people don’t have a passage to walk. So, this also has adversely affected the Eid shopping,” Hussain said.

Imtiaz Ahmad Bhat, a shop owner, echoed similar views.

“This year we don’t see any crowds on Eid eve. First smart city works and now rain has impacted the Eid shopping,” Bhat said.

He said usually the shopkeepers would be busy attending hordes of customers ahead of Eid.

“Usually we don’t have time for a breather but this year we are sitting idle. Compared to last year, this year its not even 50 per cent (business),” he added.

Shabir Ahmad bhat, another shop owner, said he was hopeful of better weather over the next few days.

Farah Zainab, a shopper, said due to rain, her shopping was somehow hampered.

“We used to do a lot of shopping during Eid – utensils, clothes or jewellery. But due to the inclement weather, we think twice whether to venture out or not. There is traffic jam everywhere due to rain and construction work in the city,” she said.  (PTI)


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