By Muneeb Naqeeb

A long-awaited edit button is being worked upon by Twitter. We know this because of the company’s numerous indications. It all began when Elon Musk, (who was lately attempting to purchase the entire firm in order to “unlock its full potential,”) asked his 82 million followers if they wanted an edit button. There were 4.4 million replies to this poll, with 73 percent in favour.

Other social media platforms already offer an edit feature, but how exactly will twitter’s edit button work? If you are wondering the same thing, You are not alone.  We have a solid notion of how it will operate thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi, a smartphone developer. Paluzzi recently shared screenshots of what appears to be Twitter’s test of the edit button. And on Friday, he followed up with screenshots that show the feature in action.

Tweets will only be changeable for one hour after they are sent, according to Paluzzi, so forget about deleting that embarrassing tweet you sent years ago. Edited tweets will also have a blue “Edited” indication that will most likely be clickable to disclose the tweet’s edit history.

People who use Twitter have had the sensation of firing out a rapid tweet only to discover that it contains a typo, are eagerly waiting for this function but, there’s no information on when the functionality will be available. In April, Twitter announced that it would begin testing the edit button in the “coming months.” That schedule has been accelerated, if Paluzzi’s tweets offer any clue.


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