By Muneeb Naqeeb

Srinagar- As the hike in petrol prices continues to trouble the common man, a relief can be found by switching to electric vehicles for our day to day commute, keep[ing both our environment and pockets green. Below is the list of Electric scooters you can buy  in Kashmir.

Kinetic zoom, This electric scooter comes with a built in cruise control switch, twin -LED headlight, stylish, eye catching aerodynamic design, Multi functional dashboard, USB ports for charging ur phone on the go, huge under the seat storage capacity , multiple colors to choose from, with a 60v 28Ah battery that takes only 3 hours to be fully charged and provides a 100km per charge Mileage. The scooty touches the top speed of 45 KMPH.

Kinetic  Zing; Providing an economic solution to our fuel expenses Kinetic Zing provides you with a  multi-functional remote key making our rides trouble free and stylish at the same time. The hydraulic shock absorbers challenge the rough roads and help the rides to be smooth and comfortable. The scooty is packed with a 60V 22Ah battery that takes 3 hours to be fully charged and provides a mileage of 80km per charge. The scooty touches the top speed of 45 KMPH.

PURE EPluto 7G; A premium electric scooter with a striking design ensuring a comfortable ride, with a 2.5 KWH battery, that takes upto 4 hours to get fully juiced up and deliver a mileage of whooping 90-120 kms with a top speed of 60 KMPH, Eputo 7G has earned a name on this list.

Hero Optima HX; with a sleek design and solid features this scooty boasts a range of 122km per charge with its dual battery version, the charging time is said to be 4-5 hours and can speed up to 42 KMPH.

Komaki XGT classic; A classic electric bike equipped to deliver high performance, with an old school modern classic body, round shape LED this bike sure does stand out.The bike is packed with a 72v/30.05 Ah battery that takes 2-3 hours of charging time and delivers a mileage of 80-105km in a single charge and a top speed of 110KMPh.


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