New Delhi- Asserting that Jammu and Kashmir is on a development track, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityananda Rai said on Wednesday that the Union Territory has received an investment proposal of Rs 51,000 crore for industrial development which will help create employment opportunities for 4.50 lakh people.

The Minister was responding to a supplementary query during the Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

The construction of about 13 roads has provided better reach in the state. Prior to 2019, the speed of construction was at 6.54 km per day, which has increased to 20,68 km per day now.

A village housing over 1,000 people is connected with roads. By 2023, a hamlet with 500 people will also get the road connection, he added.

The Minister further said that there is a 24 hours electricity supply due to excess power production. Even IIT and IIM have been set up.

Responding to another supplementary on growing unemployment, the Minister said the employment and confidence in people has increased in the UT.

About 26,303 posts have been identified in the state from 2019 and till date. The process of hiring is underway, he said, and an employment portal has been set up, counselling sections and career centres have been put in place in the state.

On the status of a development package announced in 2015 for the state, the minister said Rs 58,466 crore was approved as part of the package.

“The projects are being implemented in a speedy manner. Many projects have been implemented. The ones which are completed are inspected and gaps, if any, are addressed,” he said and added, “soon all projects will be implemented.”


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