New Delhi- Price of commercial LPG, used by hotels and other commercial establishments, was on Tuesday hiked by Rs 105 to its second-highest level but rates of subsidised gas sold to households remained on freeze.

The price of a 19-kg commercial cylinder has been hiked to Rs 2,012 from Rs 1,907, according to price notification from state-owned fuel retailers.

This is the second-highest rate, after Rs 2,101 per cylinder in December 2021.

LPG rates are revised on the 1st of every month based on the price of benchmark fuel in the previous month.

However, the price of domestic cooking gas LPG, sold to households, has not been changed since October when it rose to Rs 899.50 per 14.2-kg cylinder.

The hiatus in those rates came after criticism from the Opposition over prices being hiked by Rs 90 in the previous six months.

Just like LPG, petrol and diesel prices too have been on a freeze since early November 2021.

It is being speculated that fuel prices will be hiked once assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and four other states end next week.   (PTI)


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