Srinagar- Director Industries and Commerce, Mahmood Ahmad Shah on Monday said that department will launch GI tags for the Kashmiri carpets soon which will restore customers’ confidence, besides protecting authenticity of artisans.

Shah said that the department will be launching GI tagging for Kashmir carpets within a week as the stamp trial is under process, according to  news agency KNS.

He said that GI tags will restore customers’ confidence in the authenticity of the carpet. “In the past two years exports of handicrafts have lessened so the department has launched a new scheme of 10% incentives for exports in order to increase export sale. 10% incentives will be provided on the export sale of Pashmina shawls and Kashmiri carpets, by virtue of this scheme and GI tags, the department is hoping that export sales will again be increased.”

Replying to a question about Pashmina Shawls, Shah said that the department has started GI campaigning since last 6-7 months. “Earlier, 500 Pashmina Shawls were given GI tags per month which provided confidence to customers that the purchased commodity is authentic, but in the last month due to campaigning for GI tags, about 1500 Pashmina shawls were given GI tags. Due to the promotional campaigning, people now are getting aware about the importance of GI tags in protecting a artisan.”

He said that the department recently has blacklisted a handicraft dealer because the dealer was selling machine made carpet in the price range of hand made carpet. “I want to aware people not to misbrand hand made carpets. The department will take strict action against the defaulters,” he said.

Shah further said that the new land allotment policy has been started by the department and they have taken applications of land allotment through online portal. “Over 2500 applications are from Kashmir and according to our yardstick 40 marks investment would be given per kanal of land and rest 40 marks are given for employment generation and rest of the numbers are also given for green, red and orange areas.”

He said that additional numbers are allotted for women entrepreneurs and ex-servicemen. “Based on all these parameters, the department scrutinises the projects. Earlier people complained of bias in the first come first serve basis policy. So the department has kept this policy aside and according to our new industrial policy online portal system has been made transparent for the benefit of people,” he informed.

He said that the applications are scrutinised on the basis of investment and employment parameters.

Shah said that the majority of the land applications are from the locals as they have done investments here and better understand the working environment of Kashmir, and locals can easily tackle difficulties which are being faced in the Valley.

“People are more interested in manufacturing sector and the department is trying to promote green industries so that natural environment could also be preserved,” he said.

Shah said that the department has got the UNESCO tag and they are trying to design craft doors.

“The department is looking for the areas where these designs can be made and is trying to establish a direct connection between the people and artisan,” he said.


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