Washington– Apple is aiming to launch its self-driving car as early as 2025, Bloomberg News reported.

Apple’s silicon engineering group, which devised the processors for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, has developed Apple car chip that consists of neural processors that can handle the artificial intelligence needed for autonomous driving.

The chip was designed by Apple’s silicon engineering group—which devised the processors for the iPhone, iPad and Mac—rather than within the car team itself.

Apple’s ideal electric car that can spare customers from driving fatigue would have no steering wheel and pedals. Apple’s existing services and devices could also be integrated with the car.

Though its interior would be designed around hands-off driving, Apple plans to equip the car with an emergency takeover mode.,

The car’s infotainment system would be placed in the middle of the vehicle, so that passengers can use the reach the screen facility during a ride. The seating of the car wound be  similar to a limousine with passengers facing each other.

A sophisticated cooling system may become necessary to cool the advanced chip that control the autonomous with full self-driving ability that doesn’t require human intervention.

If Apple fails to lauch a car with full self-driving ability it could either postpone the release or could come out with a car with lesser technology, said the report.

Apple’s self-driving car project known as Project Titan is led by Apple Watch software executive Kevin Lynch, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

Apple is currently testing the tech using a fleet of 69 Lexus SUVs, says the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Engineers who are involved in the project say that Apple is intending to build stronger safeguards compared to its competitors.  (PTI)


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