By Muneeb Naqeeb

Srinagar- The announcement of the new IPhone SE on March 8, 2022, has sent a wave of excitement among the IPhone lovers. In India, Apple saw an increase of 34% in Q4 2021, shipping around 5.4 to 6 million units.

In Kashmir Apple increased its market by the end of 2018 or early 2019, says Yawer, the owner of K.S Enterprise, authorized distributors of Apple in Kashmir. “In the premium sector Apple has no competition in Kashmir, capping around 60% of the market”, he says.

The rise in popularity of Apple might be due to its ruggedness, powerful processor, stylish looks and feels or the uncanny camera. Nevertheless, whatever the reason it goes without a doubt that Apple is making a dent in the cell phone industry

According to Yawer, people who buy an Apple product do not really care about the bill and warranty because of the durability of the product. Thus, the number of products smuggled into the valley are three times more than the ones brought from an authorized seller.

“The consumer in Kashmir is becoming more aware of his needs and is unafraid to spend some extra bucks on a quality product. In addition, once he switches from Android to IOS there is no going back. Moreover, a brand new IPhone SE under 50k might be a game changer for Apple’s market in Kashmir”, he adds.

The new IPhone SE being the most affordable IPhone featuring 5G and the powerful A15 bionic chip is like a power bundle. It offers an improved battery life and a new camera system that includes smart HDR 4, photographic styles, and deep fusion.

Iphone SE is launching on 18th of March in India but dealers like Yawer are already getting pre-order bookings.


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